How Do I Earn a Funded Account®?

You earn a Funded Account® when you pass the Forex Trading Combine’s® Step 1 and Step 2. To pass Step 1, you will have to show that you can make profits by reaching your account's Profit Target, without breaking any of the rules. In Step 2, the rules tighten to emphasize risk management.

The Profit Target is calculated after all open trades are closed. This means that any open trades will need to be closed before you can be considered for the completion of the Trading Combine Step 1 or Step 2. 

You have as much time as you need to pass Step 1 and Step 2. Once you pass Step 2, you will be notified, and your subscription will be turned off. We will then begin the process of opening a Funded Account, which is completed within 7 business days.

If you have any questions about the program, please email

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