MT4 Connection Instructions for MAC

Step by Step Guide

 Although the MT4 platform was not originally made for MAC OS, TopstepFX™ has a custom downloadable version of the platform which can run natively on any MAC computer.*

*Due to a recent update with Catalina some traders may have issues connecting to the 32-bit version of MT4 on their MAC (which is currently the only version available). You may need to roll back your update to be able to use the TSFX MT4 MAC download or use these instructions to add Wine to your terminal to run MT4 on your MAC.

  1. Log into your TopstepFX™ account.
  2. Navigate to your Trader Dashboard.
  3. Click the “Download TopstepFX MT4” button to download your platform. 
    • If you no longer have the link on your dashboard, you can use the download here
TopstepFX MAC Dashboard View
4. Extract and then open the TopstepFX .dmg file
5. Drag the TopstepFX icon into the Applications folder to install the program
TopstepFX Mac Desktop Shortcut
6. You may receive a message that says '"TopstepFX" is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?'. Click -> Open. You may also need to go System & Preferences -> Security & Privacy and allow the application to be opened on your Mac.
App Download from Internet Mac Warning
7. Some of the latest versions of Mac OSX may also alert you that '"topstepfx" is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.' This message can be ignored and will not prevent the platform from running.
App Not Optimized Mac Warning

8. If it hasn't loaded already, load TopstepFX - MT4 by double-clicking on the icon in your Applications folder.

 9. Click ‘File’ - ‘Open an Account’ in the dropdown menu.

File Open an Account MAC

     10. Select ‘TopstepFX-Demo 2’ and select ‘Next’


        11. Click ‘Existing trade account’ and enter your MT4 login ID and password

  • Login: This will be the 9 digit number that is on your TopstepFX Dashboard
  • Password: This password is identical to your TopstepFX login password
  • If prompted for a server, please enter: TopstepFX-Demo 2

        12. Click ‘Finish’

If you are having issues connecting or getting any error messages while connecting, please email

Do you happen to own an iPhone as well? You can connect to MT4 for mobile trading using the instructions here.

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