Does TopstepFX Offer Leverage in the Funded Account®?

Yes. Our Funded Account offers leverage of 100:1 — so as your balance grows, you will be able to trade additional lots (micro, mini or standard lots).


Your buying power to initiate a trade will always be equal to 100 times your equity balance. If you passed the $300,000 Trading Combine, your Funded Account starts with a $3,000 equity balance. As your balance fluctuates with your unrealized P&L, you will either be able to purchase more or less as your maximum position size across all of your open trades. With 100:1 leverage, each $1,000 in unrealized profits will offer you an additional $100,000 in buying power.

Even though TopstepFX offers 100:1 leverage, we encourage our traders to exercise prudent risk management so as to not over-leverage their trading Funded Account.

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