What Is a Reset?

It is a tool you can use at any time to reset your active Trading Combine® to its original starting balance. It will also reset any broken rules on the account, making your Trading Combine eligible for funding again. It allows you the opportunity to start fresh anytime you need to while in the Trading Combine.

This charge will be anywhere from $89 - $139 depending on the account size that you have chosen. This will maintain your progress and reset your targets and rules, giving you a fresh start at whatever step in the Trading Combine you were in. This will not change your monthly renewal date. You can reset your account at any time by clicking 'Reset Account' on your Trader Dashboard

If you reset in Step 2 you will be able to stay in your Step 2 account. There are no limits to how many resets you can use in the Trading Combine.


Resets vary by the Trading Combine size you chose:


If you have any questions about resetting your account please email support@topstepfx.com.

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