What Features Are on My TopstepFX™ Dashboard?

The TopstepFX Dashboard allows you to stay up to date with your Trading Combine account. You can monitor your current account balance, rules status, and review trading analytics. You can access your dashboard at any time simply by logging into the TopstepFX website.


Refresh Your Dashboard

Your TopstepFX dashboard allows you to refresh your account information while trading throughout the day. Simply click the blue circular arrows FX-Arrow.png that appear above the 'Account Balance Statistics' to update your dashboard to the latest information.

If the circular arrows are greyed out you can see when you are able to refresh your dashboard again by hovering over that area.


Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics allows you to monitor your progress while improving your skills as a trader. Each of these metrics works together to provide you with a clear picture of your potential profitability or losses on your trading account.


Average Profitability Per Trade

This refers to the average amount you can expect to win or lose per trade. Simply put, this is your average P&L per trade including all commissions & fees.

Coach’s Tip: A simple metric to monitor the overall profitability of your account aside from your Net P&L. Keeping this number positive will help you stay profitable.


Average Winning Trade

The average profit of all positive winning trades.

Coach’s Tip: To be a successful trader, profits should always be larger than your losses. "Let your winners run and cut the losers." By maintaining a large Average Winning Trade will increase the probability that you to be consistently profitable.


Winning Trade Percentage %

The number of winning trades divided by your total trades made (excludes breakeven trades).

Coach’s Tip: Over time, your winning trade percentage will probably be near 50%. Think about how important that makes your average winning trade and average losing trade. Keep this math on your side.


Average Losing Trade

The average loss of all losing negative trades.

Coach’s Tip: Focusing on smaller risks and getting out of bad trades early is how professional traders stay in the game. When the trade is proving wrong, get out! “Your first stop is usually your best stop.”


Reward-to-Risk Ratio (2:1)

The measurement of the potential reward (profit) you achieve per trade vs. the risk (losses) you take per trade.

Coach’s Tip: One of the most important metrics in trading. More rewards and lower risks increase the chances of continued profitability. For example, sustaining a 2:1 Reward-to-Risk Ratio with a 50% Winning Percentage provides you a greater chance at consistent profitability in the markets.

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