How Can I Monitor the Amount of Lots I'm Trading?

While MT4 does not have a direct way to monitor the lots you are trading, TopstepFX® has created an Expert Advisor (EA) that will help you do just that.

For more information on what your Maximum Position Size is click here.

You can find that EA here. The steps to upload to MT4 can be found below:

Step by Step Guide

 1. Using the Link above click 'Download'.

MQL5 Marketplace Max Lots Calculator


2. If you already have MT4 downloaded select 'Yes I have MetaTrader'. This will open your MT4 platform.

Install MT4 Prompt

3. If you do not have the Navigator Box uploaded you will need to add it. Please click 'View' - Navigator 

4. In the Navigator box select the Drop Down for 'Expert Advisors'. Locate the TopstepFX Max Lots Calculator. You can drag and drop the indicator on your chart. It should apply instantly. You will have to do this for every chart that you have up and for each new chart you add.

Add Expert Advisor to Chart Image

5. Regardless of what chart its applied to, the indicator will count lots from all open trading positions and charts. It will show how many lots have been bought or sold and the total lots that are open. 

Expert Advisor Lots Total - Multiple OrdersEA Lots Total

If the size of your indicator does not fit well on your screen you can adjust it using the steps below:

Max Lot Calculator Error - EA Too Small

1. Right click on your chart and hover over 'Expert Advisors'. Select Properties.

EA Properties Window

2. Change value to Small, Medium, or Large. It will default to Small, but depending on the pixel quality of your computer you may need to adjust to Medium or Large.

Expert Advisors Select Property

3. Once completed it will show up in the top right corner as shown below.

Max Lot Calculator Chart

If you are having issues connecting or getting any error messages while connecting, please email

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