What Is the Maximum Position Size?

Recently, we made an update to our system that effectively removes the Maximum Position Size rule. Our accounts will now use true margin, which means that if MT4 allows you to place the trade, it will not be a broken Maximum Position Size rule (which is how it works in the Funded Account).

To be clear, you may have to scale down the number of lots you are trading if your account balance goes below the original amount, but MT4 will ultimately reject any trades that would put you over your Maximum Position Size now.

To calculate your Maximum Position Size you will need to use a Margin Calculator. This will show you the exact dollar amount you need in your account to trade 1 standard lot of a certain pair. Below is a breakdown of our pairs and the margin that you may need to place 1.0 standard lot trade.

Pair Account balance (margin) needed to trade 1.0 Standard Lot*
XAU/USD** $3,700.00**
XAG/USD** $3,700.00**
EUR/USD $1,086.19
USD/JPY $1,000.00
GBP/USD $1,248.37
USD/CHF# $5,000.00#
AUD/USD $636.42
USD/CAD $1,000.00
NZD/USD $603.48
CAD/JPY $710.92
GBP/JPY $1,248.37
EUR/JPY $1,086.19
AUD/JPY  $636.42
 NZD/JPY $603.48
 EUR/NZD  $1,086.19
 EUR/AUD $1,086.19
 EUR/GBP $1,086.19
 EUR/CAD $1,086.19
 GBP/NZD $1,086.19
 GBP/AUD $1,086.19
 GBP/CAD $1,086.19
 GBP/CHF#   $5,000#
AUD/NZD   $636.42

*Due to exchange rates these numbers will not always be exact. This chart is meant to give traders a general idea of what your margin requirements will look like. We recommend to use the margin calculator linked above to know your exact margin needed to trade.

** XAU/USD and XAG/USD are currently operating on 50:1 leverage instead of 100:1.

#All CHF based pairs have margin of 1:33 due to unstable market conditions.

If you have any questions about the FX Trading Combine, please email support@topstepfx.com.

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